Tiny little bug

Oh tiny little bug,

Crawling on me and wriggling your tiniest feathers,

Waiting for the right moment to jump and fly,

Fly like a star in trillion galaxies.

You fly around with no fear,

Like there is no tomorrow but only the present,

Your tiniest eyes searching for the tiniest food,

God bless you, tiny little bug.

The spider

The spider

You caught my attention with your weird eight legs,

Allowing you to walk past any hurdle,

No matter what the terrain is.

Your tiny little antennae

Smelling everything that comes in your way, good or bad

Spinning a web of delusion,

To catch hold of your prey at your legs.

You spin and spin and spin around

Till you complete the beautiful net.

Giving an example for humans

That persistent effort reaps benefits in the long run forever.

An example that nature is the greatest teacher for all.


You cover my face with your tender wrap,

Selflessly making me clean and becoming dirty,

I squash you, mash you, crush you mercilessly

And your tenderness only increases by time,

You cry with grey tears as I forget to feed you water for weeks

And blush green when I finally dry you up

Shining like a bright paddy field.

And always having a soft spot for me.

The Eye

God gave you two eyes to see,

What did you do with them?

Did you enjoy nature?

Did you correct something wrong?

Did you navigate the world?

If yes, then no worries,

If not, it’s time to focus our eyes inwards

See why you are not able to See,

And set the world free from your prison.

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